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Our Procedure:

  1. Upon arrival, we will explain to you the cleaning process

  2. Turn off the furnace

  3. Locate and cut access holes for the main duct

  4. Take off cold air return grills from the wall

  5. Cut along the edges in case they are painted over to prevent paint from chipping off

  6. Clean each vent individually with a commercial vacuum

  7. The 8-inch hose of aprox. 10,000 CFM vacuum is attached to the main duct which is equal to 15000 household vacuums (one household vacuum ="1.3" CFM).

  8. Blowdown all supply air registers with high pressurized air blower machine (aprox. 340 km/h air pressure).

  9. After duct cleaning, close and seal access holes and check for air tightness

  10. All of the work areas are cleaned and the furnace is turned on.

  11. Inspect the filtration system

  12. Advise customer on condition of his system and furnace

  13. Advise customer on condition of his system and furnace

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We have licensed furnace technicians that can perform furnace maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. Our technicians are equipped with tools that can check Carbon Monoxide levels, heat exchanger cracks, temperature rise, and the whole furnace cycle to ensure your furnace is working properly.  If you are looking for a new furnace, don't hesitate to ask as we provide the best prices!

Air Conditioner


Our technicians can diagnose any problem you are facing with your AC. They are trained professionals and can perform AC maintenance to check how your AC is running. If you need a new AC, you can let us know to receive a great offer.

Standing Air Conditioner
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